NYCHA Metrics


  • Average Turnaround Days to Re-occupy Vacant Apartments
    The total number of days between the last day the former tenant is charged through the first day the new tenant is charged from, calculated on a calendar year to date basis.
  • Emergency Transfer Program Disposition Time (Days)
    The Emergency Transfer Program Disposition time is determined from the date the application is received by NYCHA's Family Services Department to the date of the determination of eligibility for the program.
  • Number of Section 8 Owners
    The number of owners / vendors that are renting to NYCHA's Section 8 voucher holders.
  • Occupied and Vacant Apartments
    The number of NYCHA apartments that are either occupied, vacant available for rent, or vacant off the rent roll.
  • Open Work Orders
    This graph represents the number of work orders for repairs that are open at the end of each month. NYCHA's manageable workload is about 90,000 work orders.
  • Percent (%) Emergency Work Orders Completed within 24 Hrs
    The percentage of emergency work orders completed within 24 hours. NYCHA' s goal is to resolve 99% of emergencies within 24 hours.
  • Percent (%) Non-Emergency Work Orders Completed within 15 days
    The percentage of non-emergency (routine) work orders completed within 15 days.
  • Public Housing Waiting List
    The number of public housing applicants waiting for eligibility interviews
  • Rent Collection Rate
    The percentage of rent collected from the billed out for the reporting period.
  • Residents Approved for the Emergency Transfer Program
    The number of emergency transfers approved during the reporting period. NYCHA's Emergency Transfer Program (ETP) is available to NYCHA residents who are victims of domestic violence, intimidated victims, intimidated witnesses, or child sexual victims. The program is intended to enhance safety for at-risk residents by providing case management and confidential relocation services to another NYCHA development
  • Section 8 Units Under Lease
    The total number of leased Section 8 units.
  • Service Level Performance (Days) By Complaint Category
    Complaint Categories are the types of repairs requested by NYCHA residents.
  • Service Level Performance (Days) By Skilled Trades
    The service level (in days) measures how long it takes NYCHA to respond and close work orders. The goal is 7 days for general Maintenance work orders and 15 days for the skilled trades which involves more complex work.
  • Work Order Activity
    The number of corrective maintenance work orders created, closed, and cancelled during the reporting period.
  • Work Orders Completed Monthly per 100 Units
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  • Work Orders Completed YTD
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