NYCHA Metrics

NYCHA is committed to a new level of transparency, public participation, and collaboration with our stakeholders. You can use our data to take a look at the Authority's performance. This information will be updated monthly. Simply mouse over each chart to see a more detailed dataset. Here you will find information on many facets of NYCHA, such as work orders listed by public housing development, Section 8 occupancy, rent collection levels and more.

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This chart shows how many NYCHA apartments are occupied or available to move into. It also indicates “non-dwelling” units that may be under renovation or not for residential use.
Service Level Performance (Days) by Trade
Trade Prior Year Current Above/Below Target
Bricklayer 112 145
Carpenter 434 470
Electrician 261 292
Exterminator 55 65
Glazier 142 187
Maintenance 19 20
Painter 423 432
Plaster 363 364
Plumber 256 333
Roofer 64 42
Vendor 541 542
Welder 177 204
This chart shows the average number of days it takes different types of NYCHA workers to complete a repair. You can compare current wait times to last year’s and see if NYCHA is meeting its service response goal.
This chart shows how many apartments are rented by people with Section 8 vouchers.
Service Level Performance (Days) by Repair Category
Category Prior Year Current Trend
Compactor 12 22
Door (All Public Space) 114 148
Intercom 216 228
Light (All Public Space) 76 99
Roof Fan 126 208
This chart shows the average number of days it takes to address different types of repairs. You can compare current wait times to last year's and gauge NYCHA’s performance.